About Us

Incline Marketing Group (IMG) is one of the fastest-growing marketing start-ups in Southern Utah.  IMG serves businesses of all sizes throughout the United States and across the world with over 250+ client and growing.

As a full service agency, IMG offers clients everything from graphic and web design, to Google and social ads, promotional products, printing and more. This one-stop-shop approach increases the efficiency of producing high-quality marketing campaigns while reducing client’s stress.

2022 Incline Marketing Group Anniversary Party


Incline Marketing Group was founded on a single idea: bring the best and brightest together for the benefit of all. There is power in that idea — power to create impactful campaigns. Power to maximize marketing investment. Power to save a struggling business or to launch a new one. Power to take a business owner from make-ends-meet to job creator. Incline Marketing Group believes in the power of bringing people together. 

Our founder, Chet Norman, has seen that power in action time and again in his life. From an early age, working with John Deere at trade shows, Chet learned the value of understanding and meeting a client's needs and getting it right the first time. Later, while involved with the Student Alumni Association at Dixie State University, Chet was able to put those lessons into practice by bringing a team together and expanding the influence and reach of the Association's marketing efforts exponentially.

A few years later, Chet was laid up for several months with a compound fracture in his leg (intramural softball is not a sport for the faint of heart!). He was in the middle of earning his MBA and wanted to make good use of his downtime. Combining the lessons he'd learned about marketing, client relations, public relations, and social media with his burgeoning business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, Chet decided to start a full-service marketing agency. Thus, from the throes of adversity, Incline Marketing Group was born. 

From the onset, Incline Marketing Group was built to bring people together. Its staff is entirely remote: combining the talents of 15 team members from across the country, IMG has gone from providing social media and PR work to now including services like video production, web development, branding, email marketing, and more. Through this unique, remote setup, IMG services a diverse client base with a wide variety of needs and schedules. 

There is power in bringing people together. Incline Marketing Group is built on the promise of that power. Our team members have seen it, our clients have felt it, and we will continue to bring that power and that promise to bear as we build custom-fit marketing solutions for clients across the country.

What We Do

The short answer? Everything.

We’re a full—service agency that offers any and every marketing service you need. Design, social ads, promos, digital, copywriting, printing - we do it all.

Our Process

We begin every relationship with an industry analysis and marketing consultation to ensure we fully understand your goals and objectives. From there we build a customized plan of action, focusing on strategies that will increase your reach to your potential customers.

How We Work

We want each of our clients to feel like our only client. We build personal relationships with each of our partners by getting to know their needs, their customers, and their value propositions. We strive for open and honest feedback both ways to ensure we’re fulfilling and exceeding expectations.

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