DID SOMEONE MESSAGE YOU for an International App Developer position?

You may have been the target of a job scam.

How Organic Traffic Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, I’m sure you would agree that getting traffic to your website is essential for generating revenue. More traffic translates to more potential customers, and that’s something every business needs to succeed. However, not all website traffic is created equal. There are two types of traffic: organic and paid. In this blog […]

The Crucial Role of a Marketing Budget and How to Craft Yours

In the dynamic landscape of business, where competition is fierce, and consumer preferences constantly evolve, having a well-defined marketing budget is a fundamental element for success. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, allocating resources strategically to promote your products or services is key to achieving your business objectives. Let’s delve into why you […]

Here’s Why You Should Use E-Mail Marketing

In this digital age, we’ve all heard that e-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your potential customers. You may be unsure about how to get started or if it’s even worth your time, but let us assure you that e-mail marketing is one of the best strategies you can implement […]

How To Create a Google My Business Listing

A Google Business Listing is one of the most important online tools for your business. Here’s how to set it up. First, go to https://www.google.com/business/ Then, click on the big green button that says, “Start Now.” Google will prompt you to choose a Google account to associate with your listing, or, if you’re already signed […]

5 Tips To Use When Building a Brand Identity

5 TIPS FOR BUILDING A BRAND IDENTITY The tribe has spoken. Unless you’re one of those people, you’re probably either an Apple person or an Android person. A Nike person or an Adidas person. As humans, we have a strong urge to identify with tribes of like-minded people. The most successful brands in the world […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Care About SEO

It’s not just a buzzword (acronym); it’s the key to your company’s sales engine Look, it’s not 2009 anymore.  We all know SEO is important. You might even think your website is search-engine-optimized.  But do you care about SEO?  Do you know why you should? Well, lucky for you this blog you clicked on is all about why you […]

How To Amp Up Lead Generation From Your Website

HOW TO AMP UP LEAD GEN FROM YOUR WEBSITE Take your website from zero image to hero image Your website is a lot like your bank account: either you check it all the time because you like what you see, or you try to avoid looking at it if possible because…well, it’s doing its thing […]

Win The SEO Game – 5 Easy Ways To Rank Higher On Google

It isn’t rocket surgery, but it is brain science SEO is as much an art as it is a science.  You can do it well enough and get results that are good enough.  But for businesses in crowded, saturated markets, sometimes “good enough” isn’t good enough.  In our discussion on why SEO is important, we reminded […]