US Stemology

US Stemology is a leader in stem cell technology and combines it with a holistic approach to support your stem cell treatment with nutrition, hormones, microbiome, and addressing inflammatory issues. Stem cells are like seeds and your body is the dirt. When you’re trying to grow things, dirt matters!! At US Stemology, we are the only clinic providing a comprehensive holistic approach at no extra cost.



US Stemology is a network of stem cell professionals around the United States who connect to provide outstanding regenerative stem cell therapy to combat the effects of aging and degenerative conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma and more. They were looking for a strong brand to last through the years.


We created this brand from their core values, expertise, and industry. We developed a strong brand that showcases their work, brings a cohesive message, and establishes them as a world leader in Stem Cell therapy as they truly are.

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Incline Marketing Group has helped my business in so many ways! They created the perfect brand I was envisioning. They are so responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to help us succeed. I have been so impressed by their professionalism and ease of working with them.

Tami Meraglia, MD

US Stemology

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