DID SOMEONE MESSAGE YOU for an International App Developer position?

You may have been the target of a job scam.

Automations, Integrations & Workflow

We help you reach your audience over and over again with precision while eliminating the headache of following up manually.
You have a lot to worry about already. Why not take email marketing off the tedious workload with a little help from Incline Marketing Group?
Software integrations is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways of reducing your time consuming tasks and lets you focus on your sales and follow-ups.
Our integration experts can help you build your workflow, develop customized integrations step-by-step, and deploy and monitor those integrations to better improve your business success.
Less stress, better results. Easy as that.

Our Approach to Automation, Integrations, and Workflow


With all the demands on your time, all the different technologies bouncing around, and the need to onboard and integrate new employees quickly, it's easy to get tangled up in the day-to-day.


Once we've identified these trouble spots, we can recommend strategies, technologies, and automation tools that can help you smooth out those frictions.


Incline Marketing Group wants to help you detangle and destress with our automations, integrations & workflow services.


Our copywriting and design teams can even build out presentations, infographics, and video tutorials that will help you train your team.


Our team will work with yours to build out workflow charts, examine your pipeline, and plot out your processes. With these in place, we can help you determine chokepoints, bottlenecks, and breakdowns in the process.


We are a company that thrives on efficiency from a remote team; we want to help you find the efficiency and efficacy we've found.

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