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Email Marketing & CRM

We help you reach your audience over and over again with precision while eliminating the headache of following up manually.
You have a lot to worry about already. Why not take email marketing off that list with a little help from Incline Marketing Group?
Email marketing is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways of reaching your audience multiple times.
Our email experts can help you build your mailing list, develop customized email campaigns, and deploy and monitor those campaigns.
Less stress, better results. Easy as that.

Our Approach to Email Marketing


Email marketing is great because, when done correctly, it's a medium that essentially grants you permission to market to your customers over and over again.


Far more than simply drafting emails and blasting them out willy-nilly, correctly-executed email marketing is a precise, powerful tool. From personalization to time-sensitive campaigns, this can easily be one of your most profitable marketing investments.


Our email marketing experts can segment your existing email database (if available) and/or help you gather new email addresses. This gathering is done usually through a slide-up form on your website and a handful of other methods.


Once we have your database segmented (demographically, by interest, or by some other criteria), our copywriting team will begin crafting email campaigns to meet those segments' needs. This can include promotional offers, time-sensitive information, general nurture campaigns, or whatever else you may need.


With the audience segmented and the emails written, it's time to lock and load. Through the use of powerful CRM tools, we can set launch dates, track click rates, and modify existing campaigns with new offers. Essentially, we ensure that the right information is going to the right people at a rate that is right for your customers.


Once the emails have deployed, like all of our services, we'll provide campaign data including open rates and click-throughs that will allow us to modify in real-time if necessary or to base future campaigns upon.

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