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Online Reviews

We gather and promote positive reviews from your customers, improving your digital footprint and attracting new customers.
Marketers often overlook this touchpoint, but online reviews are one of the first impressions you make with potential customers.
We’ll build out a reviews strategy and go to work gathering and promoting positive reviews from your existing customers.
Word-of-mouth meets digital marketing strategy. Beautiful.

Our Approach to Online Review Growth & Management


Recent studies have shown that 91% of Millennials trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. It's also been estimated that more than half of customers won't use a business if it has less than a four-star review online. Translation? Your online reviews really do matter.


But, you may wonder, how can you go about changing your customers' reviewing habits? It may feel a little out of your hands, but we can help.


We take a holistic approach, looking at every customer interaction and touchpoint, evaluating each scenario for ways in which we can encourage positive reviews.


For instance, if your online ratings are lower than you'd like, we can identify points in your sales or customer service processes where we can ask happy customers to leave a review. It works for podcast hosts to simply ask for a rating and a review; it can work for you too.


We can build custom calls-to-action in your marketing or customer service emails that request a review, or we can build that CTA right into the webpage.


Studies have also shown that upset customers are more likely to leave a bad review than pleased customers are to leave a positive one. That means you need to have a plan to bolster your image by activating your happy customers, which will act as insurance against the stray bad review. We can help you build and execute that plan.

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