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Commercial Photo & Video

We can set up shoots, work with videographers and photographers, and get you the stunning visuals you need to showcase your brand the way you want.

The difference between video you shot on your iPhone and professional videography is approximately the distance between Earth and the sun.
If you want to instill confidence in your customers and build excitement around your brand, nothing does the job like professionally-produced photos and videos.
We’ll find the team that’s right for you, handle the logistics, project-manage the production, and deliver video and photo assets that will knock your socks off.

Some of the Videos We've Made

Our Approach to Videography and Photography


Stock photography and B-roll videography can only get you so far. Same goes for videos and photos you shoot on your smartphone. At some point, you need to hire a professional. Incline Marketing Group can help.


After determining the scope and need of the project, we will work with our professional network of photographers and videographers to find you the partner that will be right for the job.


We will work with both your team and the contractor to build a shot list, find talent, scout locations, and schedule the shoots. We can also find and manage voiceover talent if the project requires VO.


Once the shoot is complete (with a representative from your company and from IMG on-site, if possible), we will work with the contractor team to project-manage the editing and post-production process.


Once the final deliverables are complete, we'll present them to you for final comments and edits.


With the finished product in hand, we can help you post and publish your brand new content on your website, social media pages, video channels, an build out any other advertising assets you may want.

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