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Promotional Products

We can design and produce promotional products of all kinds. Trade show booths, samples, flyers, and signage—whatever you need to see success.
When it comes to generating leads and closing sales, sometimes you just need boots on the ground. And what are the people in those boots using to get the job done?
Interesting, unique promotional items.
Whether you need swag, labels for your samples, trade show booths, or good old-fashioned flyers, we’ve got you covered.

Our Approach to Promotional Products


Who doesn't love samples? If you've ever spent a Saturday at a Costco basically eating for free and you know the power samples have to keep people coming back for more.


At Incline Marketing Group, we want to help you plan and produce promotional products, including samples, swag, and any other items that are going to help you acquire and retain customers.


As with everything IMG does, we'll start by meeting with your team to discuss the need. Do you have a trade show coming up? Are you taking an account-based marketing approach and need to woo some whales? Just need some cool pens to give to people who visit your office? We can help with all of that.


Our design team will go to work building out the perfect solution to your need; we'll then work with our extensive network of production partners to get you the best deals, the highest quality, and the quickest turnaround.


Our team can also help you strategize the best deployment strategies, if needed. We're experts in direct mail, sales support, and non-traditional marketing. We can find unique ways of getting your promo items in the hands of the right people so you can see a return on your investment.


So whether you need to design team shirts for the company picnic or build sophisticated box-mailers to send product samples in, Incline Marketing Group is your one-stop promotional products partner.

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