Social Media Management

We build, launch, and manage social media ad campaigns so you can use Facebook, Instagram, and more to boost your sales.

Unless your audience is over 80 or under 12, chances are you can reach them on social media.  But where and how and exactly what to say? Leave that to us.

We’ve built social media campaigns for dozens of clients and turned Facebook and Instagram into money-making machines for them.

From memes to autofill forms, we’ll build out social strategy, posting schedules, copy, content, and manage ad buys.  

Our Approach to Social Media Management

  • Among the ten thousand other marketing things you know you need to do, doesn't social media hang over your head like an anvil?  Either you need to start posting on social, or you need to make it more regular.  But who has the time for that?  And how do you know what level of meme and reference-making is going to resonate with your audience?  It can be a lot.
  • That's where we come in.  Our expert social media team is not only well-versed in what works on each platform, but they can help you decide which platforms are even worth your time.
  • From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and beyond, our social media team can help you determine which platforms you need to be engaging on, and how to do that.  
  • We'll work with you to translate your brand voice to social, identify ways to reach your audience, help you strategize how to use your social platforms (e.g., is content important, or should you use it as a frontline customer service platform?), and build out posting schedules.
  • We'll help you build your follower base by developing interesting content, planning out social media events, and scheduling regular posts.  You can remain as involved as you'd like, or just count it as one less thing you have to do.  We'll follow your lead and get your approval every step of the way.
  • By keeping up with the latest trends, including platform usage and best practices, we'll take the stress out of social while increasing its value for your company and your customers.

Our Approach to Social Media Ads

  • Beyond regular, organic posting on social media, sometimes it makes sense to put a little power behind the drive with paid social ads.
  • Social ads are particularly effective when jump-starting your brand, building interest in a time-sensitive event or promotion, or when launching a new product or service.  We can help by building out a paid social strategy (usually in connection with other paid digital ads) and then putting that strategy into action.
  • We'll work with you to determine your audiences' watering holes, then craft targeted messages that will reach the right people at the right time and in the right ways on each platform.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads are generally more content-based or visual; we can help write the content, select the photos, or design the images for these posts.
  • The LinkedIn ads that perform the best are usually ones that offer some sort of gated content like a how-to guide, case study, or white paper.  We can help you write this content and plan and execute the ad buy.
  • Whatever the need or the platform, our digital marketing team can help you strategize, plan, execute, and gather data on effective, precisely-targeted social media campaigns.

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