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Wrensted Interiors

Wrensted Interiors is a Los Angeles-based interior design studio lead by Principal Designer, Shaun Crha. As a Southern-California native, Shaun is constantly inspired by the variety of local cultural experiences that make the area unique.


Shaun was trying to establish a brand that was fresh, unique, and able to be used on any of materials when showcasing their interior design work. Wrensted also was a family name and wanted to have it portrayed in a clean and classy look. Alongside this, they needed a fresh website that was user-friendly, and portrayed an aesthetic look that would maintain a longevity throughout the years.


We provided several initial concepts from the instructions provided to us. Upon reaching the needed requirements, we were able to reach a brand that was consistent and neutral with the aesthetic style they wanted. We created a customized site that brought a strong brand appearance towards their design style and has inspired many seeking their services.

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What They Had To Say

Chet and his team made something overwhelming much easier. As a creative, I was surprised by exactly how many decisions go into the design and development of a brand identity and website. Chet helped me navigate those decisions with his advice and ideas at each step, even if that meant looping back to previous versions of the plan. Sometimes I couldn’t be sure what something would look like until it was done, and Chet never balked at making revisions or tweaks to the design. I really appreciated the flexibility and professionalism that Chet and team brought to the table.
Shawn Crha
Wrensted Interiors

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