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Great Basin Dental

Great Basin Dental is a premier dental office located in Elko, Nevada and is the office of Dr. Clayton Neilson and Dr. Stephen Price. They have been serving the community with the most innovated dental and cosmetic procedures for over 20 years.


Originally, their brand was Exceptional Smiles with a Gentle Touch but didn’t have an updated website or logo. Their goal was to rebrand and reposition themselves as the experts they are. They were unsure of the exact direction they should go.


We approached this to help them establish a strong brand and name. They wanted something that was local and relevant but also unique. From our suggestions, it was apparent that Great Basin Dental was the name. We created a unique brand identity that has tied in their profession and location.

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What They Had To Say

Incline Marketing was very helpful through the entire branding process and helped us ensure we were in a good position. They’ve exceeded our expectations over and over and we’re very excited for the future of our practice with Incline Marketing right there with us.
Dr. Clayton Neilson
Great Basin Dental

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