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Bloomington Dental

Bloomington Dental has been serving the Southern Utah community since 1997. They provide specialized dentistry and personalized care. As one of the top veneer and implant specialists, you can be certain you are always receiving the best dental care available.


Bloomington Dental had been using the same branding and materials since they opened in 1997. The style and brand had not improved since and didn’t seem to portray themselves in the best of light. It was difficult to provide a fresh and clean look that matched the service they provided.


We presented establishing a fresh brand by spinning off their existing brand identity. Through this process, we established a clean and fresh look that has allowed them to expand and bring a vibrant feel to the dental world. Their unique style and identity now helps them be versatile enough to be used on anything and everything. We have increased Bloomington Dental’s new patient intake by over 250% every month. This has become a normal occurrence since on-boarding with us back in November 2016. We have developed a website that works for them and has resulted in converting potential customers into new patients.

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Thanks Incline! You are the best, creative, attentive and my business have grown because of you and your amazing team!
Ronda Neilson
Bloomington Dental

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